Windows 7 Quick Tips

Many of our clients have recently upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7. All of the functionality from Windows XP exists in Windows 7 – and more, but some users may find it harder to find what they’re looking for at the beginning.

Take a look below at some simple screenshots that will get you on your way to being fully productive in your new operating system.
New Start button:
After clicking the Start button, the menu is virtually the same as previous operating systems. Note the programs folder is at the bottom rather than half way up. Access to the control panel is shown:
Click on the View As button and choose Small Icons to select a more familiar layout of the Control Panel.
In Windows XP, the top level user folder was known as My Documents. In Windows 7 it is given the same name as the name of the current user account. Within this folder (in our case called Cloud Nine) are the typical Windows folders we are used to seeing within My Documents on Windows XP. You can open the user folder from the Start menu as shown:
To change the wallpaper – or desktop background as it is known in Windows 7 – right click anywhere on the desktop and select Personalize at the bottom of the context menu.
Now click desktop background as shown. There are a number of images here you can use, or you can browse to a folder containing one of your own.