Whether you are working with a local in-house server or have made the switch to the cloud, we can deliver full I.T. support for your business. Successful companies thrive on fast, reliable access to data, email and other resources. Cloud Nine has a proven track record in providing quality, up-to-date solutions for many prosperous businesses.

We understand that deciding on the most suitable process for streamlining your I.T. needs can often seem daunting, so we are here to provide a full service that keeps everything running smoothly and glitch-free while allowing you to work seamlessly 24/7.

Some of the services we provide:

Cloud Storage & Email



Network Configuration

Businesses around the world are making the transition to cloud solutions for all of their email and data management. Whether its shared files within your own organisation, email distribution lists or large data management that you require, Cloud Nine are here to assist you every step of the way.


We specialise in migrating business's data and email to the best cloud solutions available. We make sure that your new solutions are working better for you than ever before.

We understand that you may be confused or not fully sure when it comes to knowing exactly what hardware your company requires. From laptops to desktop computers to powerful file servers, Cloud Nine can advise you openly on what you might need. We work with local and national suppliers to meet all your hardware needs at the most competitive prices in town.

We pride ourselves on delivering the latest hardware solutions to all of our customers and will give you a realistic consultation based on your current needs and growth forecast for your business.


No one recognises the necessity of a functioning local network within your business better than we do. Cloud Nine has a vast amount of experience in building such networks from scratch, either using conventional methods or simplifying everything by using cloud solutions.


We can advise you on the best way for users in your business to stay connected, with around the clock access to data. We are also experts in managing existing networks and providing a fresh perspective where your current I.T. support don't.