Double Chance Weekend!

This is the final weekend. There must be a winner to the sweepstakes.

The person who gets the most selections correct from the 4 handicapped matches will win the pot (including last week’s rollover).

If there is a tie  (i.e. 2 or more people get 4 correct) Tie Breaker 1 will come into play. Whoever gets closest to the Irish full time points scored will scoop the jackpot. If there is still a tie after that, it will move to tie-breaker 2.

The €50 Bonus Prize

€50 bonus win is going to the player who gets closest to the total points in the three games selected, this is only based on the three tie-breakers and your handicap match predictions are irrelevant to the bonus pot.

This is calculated by accumulating the three total points that you have entered and will be worked out against the 3 FT scores for those teams selected. Should there be a tie after this, the person who got closest in tie break 1 will be a winner, then tie break 2 etc.

Note the player who wins the main pot will not be eligible to win the bonus pot as well.

Make sure to choose wisely as once you have submitted your entries they cannot be changed.

Chiefs - QF Weekend
Please enter the number of points you think Ireland will score in match v argentina.
Please enter the number of points you think NZ will score v france.
Please enter the number of points you think OZ will score v scotland.
Please allow up to 90 Seconds once you have entered your payment details and clicked submit. Once everything is verified and cleared it will show you the success message.

This event is being hosted by Cloud Nine friends of the Chiefs. Cloud Nine provide IT solutions to small businesses around Dublin. So if you know of an organisation that is looking for IT assistance or support to cover their website, email or network contact Mark for a friendly chat.  /   537 5730