ZestLife College
ZestLife College

ZestLife College have recently been expanding offering more courses to more students. As such they didn’t have a designated website for the college.

They got in touch with Cloud Nine to help develop their new site and have a fresh new website to be the public face of the college.

There were a few key elements that were required:

1. Online application and payment. 

There are a number of different courses with different applications requirements and payment plans. Cloud Nine built a number of custom forms and integrated payment solutions, so that prospective students could easily navigate to the course that desired and apply immediately.

2. Use of videos for course descriptions and testimonials. 

Cloud nine assisted ZestLife College in the hosting of the videos and also created a site that would be able to best embed numerous videos in the most relevant and prominent positions, including in the top menu navigation bar, facilitating an excellent marketing strategy to immediately create the best impact on new visitors to the site.

3. A Fresh and Modern Website that reflected their values.

Working closely with ZestLife College, Cloud Nine worked to ensure that the new website would be visually appealing and be able to display all of the latest news and events directly from live twitter and facebook feeds.

You can view the ZestLife College Website here: ZestLife College