The Coronas
The Coronas

The Coronas are a world famous Irish rock band that are originally from Dublin. They recently released their fourth studio album “The Long Way” under the Island Records label. They play sell out gigs all over the world and when they approached Cloud Nine they were just about to embark on a UK tour followed by a tour down under in Australia and New Zealand.

The Coronas have been a big deal on the global music scene since their first album in 2007, however their website never did the band justice. Thus in the Autumn of 2015 they approached Cloud Nine to give the site a complete makeover. Cloud Nine were tasked with creating a web design and development that would stand out amongst music websites the world over.

The coronas new videoThey provided Cloud Nine with fantastic high resolution images to use and were already very active on various social media outlets, in particular instagram and twitter. It was the job of Cloud Nine to integrate the social media platforms into the new web design and during the development to make sure that the site would be incredibly visually appealing to the adoring fan and making best use of the images provided.

The website also dedicates pages to promote their latest videos and there is a section dedicated to their upcoming tour dates. One of the other elements that adds to the freshness of the site is the tour blogging that is done by the band and easily found on the homepage of the site. The result of the development and new website build is that they now have a site that comes alive for any visitor that wants to find out more about the Coronas.

You can visit their site here: