Celtic Nights
Celtic Nights

Celtic Nights is one of Dublin’s must see Irish Shows for all visitors to Dublin City. Located in the heart of Dublin at the Arlington Hotel, O’Connell Bridge, it is now in it’s 18th season and runs 7 nights a week. The dinner and show includes a 3 course traditional menu and the best Irish dancers and musicians exciting audiences with their energy and passion.

While the show has been running for 18 years, the management of the show are constantly tweaking and evolving to offer their audiences the best possible entertainment and experience. This starts from the very first interaction that many have with the show, the public face; their website.

In the spring of 2015, they approached Cloud Nine with a desire to upgrade their existing site, which was a few years old and they felt could be achieving a lot more for them. There was a few core improvements they were hoping to achieve:

1. SEO Development

With their old site, while it was ranking in google, they felt that their was still more success to achieve. Cloud Nine carried out a full Seo audit, examining their current performance, what their competitors were doing and what their target market were searching for. Using a number of best practice techniques Cloud Nine got the site to the top of the rankings for a number of relevant keywords and longer tail search terms, for example “irish dancing dublin”. The site has seen it’s organic search traffic double in the space of a few short months.

2. A Visually Appealing Site

With a collection of high quality images available, it was up to Cloud Nine to structure the site that these could be best used to give the new visitor the best experience and from their very first visit to the site get a really authentic feel of what the dinner and show is all about. Through image placement, site design and branding and utilising the right colour palettes, Cloud Nine have created a site that excites and enthralls the new visitor. As they say a picture can paint a thousand words.

Celtic-nights-irish-dancing-on-iPhone3. Mobile Responsiveness

As one of their key demographics is to reach tourists visiting Dublin for a short stay, it is important to factor this in when building the site. knowing that a large number of tourists only access the web on mobile and tablet, website responsiveness was key to the successful upgrade of the site. Cloud Nine made sure in the rebuilding of the site that it would be optimised to viewed across all browsers and all devices.

You can visit the site here: www.celticnights.com