Microsoft Launch Free Mobile Operating System

Microsoft have released a free version of Windows for mobile devices, following in the steps of Google’s Android platform and other less prevalent mobile operating systems. Until now, Microsoft have been charging hardware manufacturers approximately €7 for each device that the Windows Mobile operating system is loaded on, and this cost is reflected in the retail price of such devices. The new operating system will be free to load on personal devices, however licensing fees will exist for commercial use.


The new operating system —  Windows for Internet of Things —  will only be available to devices with screen sizes less than or equal to 9". Industry analysts claim that it was essential for Microsoft to make this move to maintain (and hopefully grow) their share of the mobile operating system market. With a current market share of 3.9%, Microsoft will be playing catch up with the likes of iOS and Android for some time to come, but this move could be the beginning of a mobile OS growth spurt for the company.

One thing that is unclear is whether or not the new operating system will be open-source. An open-source operating system, such as Google Android, allows serious hackers get into the guts of the operating system and ensure the code is sound and secure and also gives end users the option to modify and customize the operating system. This probably means that this new version of Windows won’t spread quite as fast as Android but this is still a hugely important step in the right direction for Microsoft.
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