Brand New Site for Recreate Ireland


It was time for Recreate Ireland to revamp their website. Unfortunately the old website like so many others had not stood the test of time.

It was time for Cloud Nine to get involved.

We focused first on creating an eye catching homepage. Every part of the page was thought through so that the site would reflect what Recreate were all about. They make the best use of old materials and turn them into something great, we did the same with their website.

We trained the guys at recreate how to manage their own site with a comprehensive workshop in how to use and get the best of the Wordpress CMS. We also went through some of the other key tools such as Google Analytics and leveraging the social media tools available. 

Since the new website was launched, ReCreate's web presence has been flying high, allowing visitors to get a proper idea of what the organisation is all about. 

It was a pleasure to work with ReCreate and from the feedback that we have got that pleasure and enjoyment in the project and building of the site has been mutual. 

Check out their funky video on the site's homepage.