Advertising on your Fridge and Everywhere Else.

Advertising on your Fridge and Everywhere Else.

An article on the Guardian tech blog today really caught my attention.

It concerns the release of details of a filing made by google in december of last year. A quick summary might read, Google plan their advertising to be just about everywhere, from you fridge, to thermostat to car dashboard, retargeted ads will soon be following you even when you think that your computer and online self is switched off.

You can read the full article on the Guardian here. Google predicts future of advertising.

One thing that still amazes me, is how many small companies are still so sceptical of any spend on digital advertising. Many business owners that I have spoken to seem to think that display advertising and any online spend is feeding hard earned money into a big scary pitch black hole.

My response is always that when you do it wrong, this is the case, and no return on investment is ever seen. However Google are not making 150% to 300% of their profit (advertising is covering the losses of numerous other products) on a product that doesn’t working.

The key to any digital marketing campaign (and repeat after me “there is no such thing as free digital marketing”) is in the preparation done in advance of launch. The precise medium, the precise target audience, the expected behaviour and the desired results all need to be crystal clear before the campaign is given the green light. If the planning is not done, then yes money is being wasted. Done right and a few dollars ad spend could save you many late nights and hours spent worrying about how you will build your social media following and organically connect with your audience.

Our advice to anyone that needs to improve their digital presence. Don’t advertise on Facebook when it should be done on LinkedIn, don’t waste hours on twitter when you should be targeting google keywords.

Know your product, know your audience and find the right way to connect the two.

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p.s. As an added bonus and if you don’t believe in google’s predictions of advertising on your fridge, check out this video to see what the world might soon be looking like.