Mark  has spent the last 8 years in the world of lean start-ups and SMEs. He has gained far-reaching knowledge working both at home in Dublin and abroad in as far flung spots as Buenos Aires, Madrid and London.

Having spent a number of years working overseas, he has recently moved back to Dublin with a global perspective and a hunger to be part of the Irish revival.

He spent a number of years working in the publishing and local tourism industry in the South of Spain, running his own website and blogs at Granada Insider

Mark is a keen blogger who always claimed he fell into working in the digital world, but loves the mix of logical rules and creative opportunities that he can no longer see himself working in anything else.

In early 2012 he was approached with an offer to work in a London start-up providing a unique video platform to a number of high profile online bookmakers, where he was in charge of the editorial content and social media. London was fantastic experience but Dublin was calling. 

Mark has an eye for detail and enjoys editing copy and playing with language. He has a real passion for social psychology and behavioural economics, he brings this to his work by always looking to make sure that everything is done for a reason, and that reason is usually to optimise everything with the user in mind. Mark is always saying that we have to remeber that the user is human and the exciting thing about humans is that nothing is certain, unpredictable behaviour is what keeps things exciting. 

In his spare time Mark likes to punish himself, otherwise known as endurance events. Cycling over mountains, running long distances, swimming in lakes, you get the idea. He is an absolute sucker if a challenge is set.