Lisethe was born and raised in Ecuador. In 2007 at the age of 17, she arrived in London for the first time not knowing any English in search of new opportunities for a better life and future. She states "It was the first and biggest challenge I had taken in my life, but also without doubt one of the best decision I could have made, because it has helped me to fight for what I want and so achieve my goals and develop myself in all aspect of life."

Once she had learnt English she started her degree of computer science at Kings College London. She knew this was the only subject she wanted to study since her earliest memories of being a child and having her first PC. She has always been intrigued by how computers work, and has a great passion about everything around technology. Being able to understand and utilise the power of technology was something she was always interested in learning. Studying this course definitely gave a solid knowledge of how to solve most problems anyone can encounter with computers. She has also become fluent in a number of coding languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and enjoys making sites and creating new functionality. 

In her leisure time,  Lisethe enjoys getting lost in the world of photography, capturing the best shots and moments of things that she comes across. When she is not at her computer, programming or catching up with the latest IT news and developments, she can likely be found in the kitchen preparing something delicious to eat.

Favorite CloudNine project?  Best project is probably CoisCeim website and the time I have assisted a client with a problem of not being able to establish a remote desktop connection.