Never get frustrated with your IT again. At Cloud Nine, our mission is to keep everything as simple as possible and organised specifically to meet your organisation's needs. We are here to assist you in optimising all of your devices exactly as you want them so that you can manage your business seamlessly anytime and anywhere.


Outrageous IT expenditure should now be a thing of the past. We offer a fully scalable payment model for storage and maintenance, where costs are variable and you will only be charged for the number of users at any given time. Whether you are adding more or reducing numbers, the cost will be reflective and there is no more expenditure attached to redundant excess.


Whether you are a small local start-up or a fully established e-commerce business, we are here to offer you the most efficient and effective way to perform all of your online tasks. We have the expertise in everything I.T. so that you don't have to. More than anything we offer you the peace of mind and the best customer care in the city. We bring serenity where others see chaos.