Havas Worldwide is one of the largest marketing and communications organisations in the world. Headquartered in New York City, the company has 11,000 employees worldwide in 316 offices. eightytwenty, part of the Havas Communications group operates in Dublin providing local digital savvy and global social media analytics. Both companies are located in a large office building on Leeson Street, Dublin 2.

Like so many Irish businesses still do, Havas and eightytwenty once relied on a local exchange server to handle all of their mail. With approximately 70 users, problems with sending and receiving mail and server outages were common.

Cloud Nine proposed a simple yet extremely effective alternative to local mail hosting: Micrsoft Office 365. We know the benefits and of Office 365 inside out and are experts at implementing it in an organization with no pain or hassle for staff. Office 365 mailboxes were configured off-site for all users and three straightforward steps were taken on-site to realise the transition: backup of historical mail from local server for all users, configuration of new cloud mail accounts on users' computers and finally the import of historical mail into the new accounts.

Since the transition, both Havas and eightytwenty have enjoyed seamless access to their cloud mail accounts from anywhere in the world. With zero downtime and the ability to send large attachments at lighting speeds.